Kazuma Higuchi appeared as commentator on information program of Fuji TV.

Our firm has been introduced in Lawyers Guide of Business Law Journal 2019.

Kazuma Higuchi gave a lecture to lawyers on “Supporting SME’s International Business”

Kazuma Higuchi attended the Annual Congress of AIJA in Brussels as the national representative of Japan.

Kazuma Higuchi spoke on “Human Rights and Business in Global Context” at Tokyo Bar’s session.

Higuchi & Partners and Kazuma Higuchi were introduced on Euro Biz Japan (May 2018) distributed mainly to European Chambers and public agencies.

Kazuma Higuchi spoke at AIJA Annual T.R.A.D.E conference held in Amsterdam on “Intercultural differences – dos and don’ts of negotiations with Asian business partners”.

Kazuma Higuchi appeared on a live TV program of Fuji TV as commentator.

Kazuma Higuchi attended Annual Conference of IBA held in Sydney.

Sosei Yamasaki and Toru Azeyama attended Annual Congerence of LAWASIA held in Tokyo.