Since our establishment in 2011, we have been focusing on assisting both international clients doing business in Japan and domestic clients doing business overseas. Our practice areas cover most of the issues that a company may encounter when doing business in Japan such as M&A, joint ventures, distribution, licensing, franchising, and other commercial transactions, general corporate matters, compliance, employment, debt collection, litigation and dispute resolution.

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We aim to provide high quality, borderless and timely legal services at an affordable price:

High Quality
High quality legal services should be aimed at achieving a reduction of the assessed risks to the maximum possible extent in order to prevent or minimise disputes while obtaining the best obtainable outcome for our client in the circumstances. Boutique legal practices such as ours are better placed to provide high quality services to clients in accordance with their unique requirements.
Our world has become “borderless”.  Businesses that a few years ago concerned themselves only with trade in their neighbourhood are today trading with customers on the other side of the globe.  To keep pace with our clients’ international aspirations, we have taken steps to differentiate our services and abilities from those of most Japanese lawyers.  In particular we have obtained the language and international commercial skills demanded by internationally-minded clients.  Aided by his overseas experience and English proficiency, our leading partner is especially adept at meeting the needs of clients engaged in international transactions without the need for time-consuming translation.
‘Time is money’, or so the well-known phrase goes.  For clients dealing with legal concerns, every passing hour can be an eternity.  We provide timely service to keep up with your business needs.
We believe our fees should not be seen as costs unavoidably incurred, but as a reflection of the value we have added to our clients and their businesses through the services we provided.  Before performing chargeable services for a client we ensure the client has a complete understanding of the fee arrangements and has indicated its acceptance of those arrangements.